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School of Medicine

The School of Medicine educates highly qualified healthcare professionals ready to respond to the needs and demands of the population in the current epidemiological, economic, social, and cultural contexts.
The School of Medicine performs the essential functions of University in the light of the social and educational demands of the local, national, and international context.

Academic Offerings

Technical Degree Courses, Teacher Training Programs and Undergraduate Courses

  • University Nursing
  • University Technician in Diagnostic Imaging
  • University Technician in Laboratory
  • University Technician in Operating Room
  • University Technician in Anesthesia
  • University Technician in Hemotherapy
  • Degree in Nursing
  • Degree in Hygiene and Safety at Work

PhD Programmes

  • Doctorate in Medicine
  • Doctorate in Biological Sciences

Master´s Degree

  • Master of Bioethics
  • Master’s Degree in Clinical Research


  • Specialization in Legal Medicine
  • Specialization in Public Health
  • Specialization in Occupational Medicine
  • Specialization in Tocoginecology
  • Specialization in Geriatrics
undergraduate students
posgraduate students

Community Services

The Faculty provides diverse services to the care and laboratory community: DNA testing, Flow Cytometry Lab, Botulism Lab, CENMAD (Medical Center for Adolescents), Parasitology (Chagas disease, trichinosis, toxoplasmosis), Genetics Institute, HIV testing and counselling, Breastfeeding counselling, Substance Abuse and Public Health Observatory.


  • 1950

    Faculty of Medical Sciences is born

  • 1965

    Moves to the first building of the University City

  • 1989

    Schools of Nursing and Health Care Technicians become academically dependent on FMC

  • 1996

    Reform the Career Medicine Curriculum: Problem Based Learning

  • 2017

    Creation of the Nursing Degree